Joshua Tree

Zero light pollution, Milky Way views and complete oneness with nature in your own clear bubble room.


Joshua Tree

is only 2 to 3 hours from LA, Vegas and Phoenix and this desert oasis is the perfect weekend getaway. It isn’t just accommodations—it’s an experience in nature.

5,000 feet above sea level, Joshua Tree has long been world-famous for its unmatched stargazing, air clarity, and freedom from light pollution. The weekend warrior favorite is known as a trendy backdrop for influencers and engagement photoshoots, but it can be the tranquil retreat you need to reset and reconnect with yourself.

Perfect location

from Joshua Tree National Park, Bubble Hotels lets you trade your routine for a nature experience in the desert.

This exclusive escape will have ten bubble units for guests to experience nature first.

Camping can be amazing, but it isn’t exactly a stress-free getaway. It requires a lot of preparation, and you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Stargaze from bed in your own clear bubble

Slumbering under the stars has been reserved for campers, until now. At Bubble Hotels, you sleep smack dab under a blanket of stars (and under a cozy comforter)

Snuggle up in your crystal-clear, air conditioned bubble and take turns spotting constellations like Orion and Gemini, or embrace feeling small under the vast Milky Way.

Bubble Hotels

in Joshua Tree is the perfect setting to decompress, reconnect with nature, and experience the desert in a way you never have before. Think desert serenity, millions of stars and zero stress.

Visiting a new place isn’t always enough to snap you out of work mode and into tranquility. Bubble Hotels is equipped with relaxation-inducing amenities to make your OOO message count.


Joshua Tree is at the heart of this project and we don’t want to take outside investment from corporate developers that don’t care about the environment like we do. That’s why our build plan is mindful, sustainable and local.

The Bubble Hotels property is specially designed to give you the perfect balance of privacy and socialization. Enjoy your private patio with a good book or dip in the hot tub, or head to the community area for socializing.

Adventure through

the park on your own ATV for more thrilling look at the desert. You can rent your own or book a guided ATV tour with opportunities to see specific desert flora and fauna.

Bycycles are allowed on any established road, with miles of backcountry roads waiting to be explored. Black Eagle Mine Road, Covington flats and Bedroo Canyon Road are some of the more popular routes with nature and history along the way.

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