Bubble Hotels: What They Are, Why They're Amazing and Why You Should Try 'Em Out

Travel is one of life’s purest pleasures, and sometimes where you stay can be as important as where you go. Even the best places in the world can seem subpar if where you are staying isn’t up to snuff, and an otherwise unremarkable place can be elevated by extraordinary lodging.

Personalization is key, and there are more options than ever before available to meet this need. One can find everything from dirt-cheap tent camping to luxury hotels that will eat up your whole budget in a hurry, and it’s important to not overlook this aspect when planning your next trip.

For those looking for something between these two extremes, there is a novel new option that looks like something straight out of science fiction — the bubble hotel.

If you are looking to try something truly exciting on your next trip, then consider stepping outside the norm and into your very own little domed home. We promise that in doing so, you will create an experience impossible to replicate with more traditional lodging options.

What They Are

Bubble hotels are something that strikes a magical balance in providing the beautiful views of camping while retaining the modern amenities of a traditional hotel room.

A translucent plastic material surrounds an otherwise normal room complete with curtains, a bed, and even a bathroom. The firm plastic perimeter guarantees that nuisances like bugs and dirt cannot enter and bother you while you sleep or enjoy watching the environment.

Entering requires going through an airlock system, which helps maintain the integrity of the structure along with keeping the temperature within the bubble to your liking.

Once you are past the airlock, you have access to everything from electricity to plumbing. However, you also can view the world in every direction, at all hours, something which is far beyond what any typical hotel room can provide.

They are set up all over the world by bubble hotel pros, who know exactly where to place them for maximum effect. Those who have stayed in bubble hotels consistently sing their praises, and once you stay in one, it’s easy to understand why.

Why They’re Amazing

Staying in a bubble hotel is something you aren’t like to ever forget, and they essentially guarantee you have an entirely new travel experience.

The rooms usually are positioned in places with natural beauties in sight, but far enough from one another to guarantee privacy for each occupant. If you should encounter a problem or need something brought to your bubble, often you can even remotely contact the hotel’s staff who are located nearby.

Staying inside a bubble hotel is something special every time. Where else could you can watch the sun steadily rise or set over the horizon from the safety and warmth of your bed? In complete isolation, you can trees sway in the wind or watch animals play throughout the day, they are not likely to notice nor able to bother while you are in your personal bubble.

By night, all you need to do is lay down and enjoy the show above with a stunning stargazing experience just not possible with normal hotels or tents. If it happens to rain, you stay safe and dry within your airtight bubble and can simply enjoy the gentle sounds without worrying about getting even a drop of water on yourself.

Bubble hotels are also far more eco-friendly than traditional hotels, as they preserve and compliment the landscape rather than destructively change it with large structures. They require less energy to maintain, and overall the environmental impact is minimal.

For those who enjoy having space and silence to themselves, or want to share a few intimate nights with a partner, there’s simply nothing else that compares to staying in a bubble hotel.

Why You Should Try ‘Em Out

Many who choose to travel do so because they desire to experience something different. This can mean a new culture, food, or landscape, and all of these are valid reasons to leave home.

With a bubble hotel though, you shift something not often changed in life. By effectively trading your walls for windows, you create countless opportunities to observe and appreciate the area in its natural state.

For the environmentally-conscious traveler looking to experience nature more than a city, there’s no question a bubble hotel trumps the competition. If you are looking to unplug from the bustle of the modern world, and allow the landscape to quite literally become part of your room, then it’s worth trying out on your next trip.

Instead of simply viewing the natural feature for a few minutes or hours at best, the countryside becomes your wallpaper and will be the first and last thing you see each day. By removing the visual barrier between you and nature, you become infinitely more aware of and familiar with it.

Whether you want to wake up with stunning mountains in sight or the soothing sound of a waterfall nearby, there’s likely an option to stay nearby in a bubble hotel. All around the world bubble hotels are popping up, each offering a different experience from one another.

Bubble hotels are a relatively new lodging option on the travel scene, and those who have already tried them say it was well worth the cost.

If you are planning on traveling again soon, and aren’t sure where you’d like to stay, get off the beaten hotel track and consider staying somewhere truly special. In doing so, you are all but assured to create a unique experience that will be impossible to forget for the rest of your life.

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